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Texas bound!

My cool Indiegogo campaign

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check it out, look at my cool Indiegogo campaign!  If you can’t help, that’s cool, but could you send it around to some folks that might be interested?  Once I raise enough for Texas, the extra will go to the Vegas shoot campaign.  It would be awesome if I could get enough for both now!

You guys rock!

Rumble in the Woods

My inspiration!

When I first went into the National Outdoor Tournament, I was a little nervous but I was feeling good.  The first day I shot I was supposed to be with all of my competitors, or even just a few, but one person in my group did not go to the right course so me and the girl that was there had to be split into two groups.  I went with other friends that were from the same group but they weren’t competitors of mine.

When I got about halfway on the course, I had an equipment failure.  I was standing my bow up with an arrow and started to walk away and my bow fell over as if it wasn’t propped up completely (which is probably what happened).  Well, when I picked my bow up off the other bow hit into it, my string flipped around and I began to panic.  I went to the official tent nearby and told them what happened but they were not helpful because they didn’t have anything like it before and didn’t know what to do. Thankfully a group next to us was shooting recurves so they had bow stringers and I could put it back on the right way.  I was really thankful.  After that incident I checked everything I needed, shot some practice arrows and all was good.

The second day was fun as well.  When I shot the 2nd day, I shot with my competition from the archery facility and another person I shot with before so it was fun to shoot with her again.

The third day was the award ceremony day!  It was also the day where one of my competitors had to leave the course because she was already done shooting all 3 days and thought she could shoot another day.  She was very confused and so was our group so we had to get an official.  When we got it straightened out, the air horns sounded on the course for the last day!  When they blew, that we meant we shoot and we were ready.  After we got done we were tired, sore and ready to go to the ceremony but that wasn’t presented for another TWO MORE HOURS of waiting.  We mostly just sat around hanging out and waiting.  When it was finally time for the awards name by name, category by category and then finally my name and category.  I was waiting thinking I had gotten 3rd place because I didn’t do as well as I could have because I kept having weird things with my equipment but not me, I GOT SECOND PLACE…IT WAS ME THEY CALLED!!!!  I was so glad I got 2nd place and was grateful for it.

The lesson I learned in the tournament is always carrying my tools and USE them.  When my coach went to tune my bow afterwards, it turned out there were several things that should have been caught and could have been corrected.  Now I know!  Everything is a learning experience and this was no different!

Oh and I got to see the awesome Paige Pearce again.  Can someone please put me on a Pro/Am team with her?  🙂

I meet the COOLEST people

Getting a lesson from the super awesome Lee Ford!


When I got to meet the Paralympians, I was really excited.  At the beginning of the day I wasn’t thinking that I was going to meet them because they were scheduled to train on the day I was leaving for another tournament.  Lucky for me, they showed up a day early!

Eric is super nice and he is also a teacher, how cool is that?

That was a nice surprise.  The Paralympians are really inspiring because if you think “Oh, I cant do this,” and you see them doing it, you really have no excuses.  It was really a great experience and I hope I get to see them again.

My friend Bailey and I got to meet Matt at Nationals in Kentucky


Black Hills, here I come!

This is the coolest 3D target I have shot so far!

On July 21 & 22, I shot the State 3D tournament and it was really fun!  It was nice to meet other people who I hadn’t met before.  What was really cool is the course was set up at the Crazy Horse Memorial, so target #9 was right in front of the best view of it.  When I was shooting there was a group with longbow shooters behind me that were really loud and funny.  The reason they were so funny is that when they got a bad shot, they would just throw their bow.  If they got a good shot, they would yell “FOAM IS MY FRIEND!” because the targets were made out of a special foam.  It was a really enjoyable experience and I would love to do it again!

Me, my step-dad, Matt and Trent…Trent had no idea we were being so goofy at the time!