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USA Archery Facebook Page

Look in the middle, that’s me with Brady!

The other day my sister sent my Mom a screen shot of something she saw after the Texas Shoot Out.  THAT’S ME IN THE MIDDLE WITH BRADY!  I was a little excited about this but it is also weird.  I don’t have a Facebook because I am too young but I do have a Tumblr or Twitter if you have those.  On my blog here, I write articles for Mom to post and she puts them up with the pictures.  On my Tumblr, that is where more real-time stuff goes…when I am practicing, competing or just being 12.  Those posts are different content if you are interested in following me there too.  Those are set to post directly to my Twitter as well.  On Twitter is normally where I talk to people in archery and ask for advice so you will see that along with Tumblr posts.  I hope you like them all, I try to make them different!

So again, YEAH I WAS ON THE USA ARCHERY FACEBOOK PAGE!  Thank you to anyone who came over to check my site out from their page.  There are people from a lot of countries and I think this is just AWESOME.

Funny Picture of the Week

This is my international friend, Jeff.  I had to make sure I could use this picture because I thought he would say no.  Obviously, he is silly and crazy.  He is from New Zealand. He was in South Dakota to take a class on coaching and he came all the way from New Zealand to take it.

My crazy friend Jeff!

He watched me a lot and gave me advice.  Now he is my archery pen pal.  When he watched me he gave me a shooting shirt from his team in New Zealand.  Since then he has opened his own archery program in NZ and we email back and forth!

Texas Shoot Out = Awesome Archery

Me shooting as a Cadet! Woo hoo!


This weekend, I went to the Texas Shootout.  When I went to practice I arrived next to Brady Ellison, one of the top men archers in the world, I was pretty excited.  When I practiced, I was doing good.  After a good practice, we went to Wal-Mart to pick up food and we got my favorite, roasted chicken, Hawaiian rolls and salad!  After dinner I had some dessert (evil brownies made by my Aunt) and I started thinking about the next day and how I could get first and do really well.  When I woke up, I got breakfast and went to the archery field.

Me and Miranda!

The Competition Begins

I saw the pros arrive and my competition…I had the Junior Dream Team as my competition!  I knew right there it would be tough.  When we started shooting I was in 9th place for most of the tournament.  Then I started to get tired and my arrows started dropping low and I fell in last place.  ::sad face::  When we got done I was last but I learned a lot from my competitors Karissa, Mariam and Hye.

Me and Jennifer!

Day 3 in Texas

The next day I didn’t have to shoot but I watched the pros and got pictures with Brady Ellison, Jennifer Nichols, Khatuna, Miranda and the Coach Thomas from Texas A & M.  I was very grateful that I got to watch them and take pictures with them.  It was a really great experience and I am very glad I went!

Me with Khatuna!
Me with Brady!

Goal Setting

I fell short of my goal of 400 but I am 12 so I think I get a little time to bring it up. For the next calendar year, I am setting my goal of a 550 or better for my next USAT qualifier.  I want to do this so that I can apply for the Junior Dream Team Camp.  If you would be interested in doing that, the requirements can be found on the USA Archery site here.  Beyond that, I would hope to be ranked high enough to apply to the Resident Athlete program in a couple of years.  Those requirements are on the USA Archery site here.





Today I got to the field for practice rounds and equipment inspection.  It was pretty grey and looked like it would rain until we got ready to go.  I got a couple of Olympians signatures so that was cool.  There was a lot of wind but it was blowing right in my face so I didn’t have to aim off much.  I got assigned to target 1A so I am thinking this is a good thing.  🙂

Texas Shoot Out

This week I head to the Texas Shoot Out.  I am super excited because it is at Texas A & M and they have the best college archery team in the US.  THIS IS WHERE I WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE.  My mom said that is okay now that they are part of the SEC.  I don’t know what that means but she is from Georgia so I know it is about football.


I am excited to try the format, this will be my first in person USA Archery tournament.  I don’t really think my bow is supposed to do what it is doing (I am pulling under 25 pounds) but I am hitting the bale most of the time.  Since I am 12, I am okay with this.  They had a change to the schedule at the last minute so I found out yesterday there are no team rounds and that Cadet OR will be Saturday afternoon.  I shoot 72 arrows before lunch and the OR after lunch.  It is a lot of arrows but I thought about with practice arrows and a round of field archery like in Pennsylvania, I was over 120 arrows a day.  I will be tired but I think it is the best way to learn the style and work on improving my performance over and over.  I hope next year that I can upshoot in all the qualifiers.  Wish me luck!

Super cool app

This was fun to try!

One of the good parts about having a mom in school right now is that sometimes her projects can be something about my archery stuff.  This is from a web app called FlipSnack that she had to review for a class.  It is pretty cool because you can put together a digital flip book of your pictures, add text of different sizes and colors and move them around.  We experimented with lots of stuff, some things we liked, some things we didn’t.  If you want to check out her review, you can see it on her blog for school here.  If you want to see the full book we did, you can check it out here.

Funny Picture of the Week

Doesn’t he look awful? I was glad he did this for me no matter how bad he felt.

This week, the funny picture is when my stepdad and me won the Shannon Trail Spring team competition.  This is when my stepdad had a broken nose. The reason that he a broken nose is that he had a surgery to help him sleep better.  We drew a mustache on his bandage with a Sharpie.  I thought that was really funny.  When we walked into the door everybody was asking, “You’re seriously going to do this with a broken nose?”  After all of that we started to shoot and we were shooting good too, most in the yellow, occasionally one in the red or blue but not a lot.  When we got done and totaled our scores then we handed them in.  After a couple of hours they started announcing the awards, we were the third group to be called and we won first!

Woop woop!