Because You Asked — Fletching Eps 2

This week I decided to do a video about fletching my arrows.  Everyone had a job to do and we planned it out really well.  What we didn’t plan on is for some reason, everyone would be giggling and the animals would be going nuts.  There was virtually nothing without an animal up in the camera or giggling.  Mom still put together a video but there was almost as much for the gag reel as the regular stuff but even in it, there was some things that couldn’t be cut out.


Hopefully you do get something out of it.  If not, at least remember, family’s should be having fun!



The materials list for the video is here:

Bitzenberger Fletching Jig with Straight Clamp

Gold Tip Ultralight Entrada 600 shaft

AAE Elite Vanes 1.75”

Bohning Fletch-Tite Platinum Glue

Denatured Alcohol


Paper towels







2 thoughts on “Because You Asked — Fletching Eps 2

  1. Reblogged this on Rasher Quivers and commented:
    Emma, and her Step-Dad give us a tutorial on how to fletch an arrow using a Bitzenberger Fletching Jig along with a very cool tip on how to stabilize the jig using a cutting board. Emma also wears Mickey Mouse shoes and has issues with involuntary movement in her hands.

  2. Awesome!! I use a Jo-Jan 6 arrow jig and flech feathers and it is the same process. I use to spiral fletch my feathers, but the reduction in speed isn’t worth the slightly quicker correction in paradox. I meticulously tune my arrows to compensate for the paradox and flech them strait. Great Video… You guys are always fun to watch.

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