Five Questions from Emma-Teresa Iaconi

This week I am starting a new set of posts where I will ask people in archery five questions.  My first one is with the super cool @teresaiaconi whom I got to meet in Colorado Springs.  I hope I enjoy it!

Teresa and Olympians

1.  You have the coolest job.  What is the best part about what you do?

There are lots of great parts about my job! I work with USA Archery on public relations, social media, and media relations – and I work with World Archery and Archery on social media – so I get to do lots of different tasks, which keeps me interested every day. Perhaps the most fulfilling part of my job is covering archery events, when people tell me that they love seeing their photos on USA Archery’s Facebook page, or when a World Archery fan says that our event tweets let them follow a tournament that’s far away. I love helping people to connect with the sport of archery and its amazing athletes, whether through photos, tweets or written stories.

 2.  I was excited that I got into the Arizona Cup.  Has it ever filled up so fast?  Why do you think that happened? 

This is the first time in history that the Arizona Cup has filled so quickly. As of February 21, over a month before the event, registration is closed at 392 archers, with a waiting list! What’s even more impressive is that a year ago, we had 267 archers as of the first day of competition – and many were from other countries due to the Arizona Cup’s status as a World Ranking Event. However, this year, there is a World Ranking Event right before the AZ Cup – so almost all of the registrations this year are from U.S. archers. We think this is due to the major increase in publicity for archery thanks to movies like “The Hunger Games” and “Brave,” and of course our teams’ amazing performances at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. People are just really excited about archery right now!

 3.   The 2016 Olympics will be here so quickly.  What do you have to do to prepare for that?  You must be so busy!

Right now, the work is really focused on covering the events that happen between now and the Olympic Games – learning who the emerging talents are, covering the different athletes as they work toward the goal of Rio 2016. Another big focus for USA Archery is building good relationships with the journalists covering archery now, so that they are familiar with our sport when we’re gearing up for Rio. Finally, there are some practical considerations that will come up quickly, like obtaining credentials (which will begin next year) and then helping USA Archery to conduct great Olympic Trials events.

 4.  Your presentation at JDT camp was really good.  I liked the example of that if  you wouldn’t say it or show it to your grandmother, you shouldn’t put it out on line.  Why do you think people don’t think of that?  Do you think it should be taught in school now?

Thank you! Yes, I do think social media skills could be taught in school, from an early age. The reality is that social media will continue to play an integral role in our society for a long time to come, however it changes, and we need to be aware of how to use this tool politely and in a constructive way. I love the idea of social media seminars or workshops in high school that talk about what is appropriate for sharing, how social media can be a great tool for marketing yourself professionally, and how social media posts can have a lasting negative impact on education or career if not used appropriately.

5.  Your photos are always so beautiful.  Did you go to school for photography?  What kind of equipment do you use?

Thank you so much. I have never taken any classes for photography; it’s a hobby I was always interested in, but never had good camera equipment until the last few  years. During Christmas a few years ago, my fiancé and I invested in a Canon Rebel T1i, and a good 70-300mm lens, which I used for many tournaments in 2010 and 2011. I got some great tips along the way from friends who are photographers, and spent a lot of time on the internet reading about how to use the equipment. Last year, I was able to produce some great images at the US Olympic Trials which decided to use in their London 2012 coverage. This year, I’m planning to upgrade my camera body to a Canon 6D, and will continue to use the Canon L series 70-200 mm lens which is my mainstay for tournaments.


1 thought on “Five Questions from Emma-Teresa Iaconi

  1. Emma, I love your idea for these posts! I just quoted Teresa Iaconi today on the spotty acceptance of the NTS (previously BEST) system even by some top archers. I think she showed courage and intelligence when she put her mind to understanding what Kisik Lee was teaching, and then applying it.

    I can’t wait to read the questions you put to the next archery celeb on your list!

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