JOAD Indoor and US Indoor Wrap Up

Emma on the line

The tournament I was going into was three days but two different tournaments.  JOAD Indoor was one day and US Indoor was two days.  Going into the tournament I was really confident I was going to do well.  When I got up on the line, I was shooting next to my friends from my club.  This was good and bad.  It was good because I had the comfort of my friends but bad because they were also distractions.  I finished and thought I did well.


The second day went about the same.  I wasn’t feeling really good when I was traveling up to the tournament and it seemed like it might be going away.  After the tournament the second day, I went with a friend to Mall of America.  We shopped and rode roller coasters then went back to the hotel.  I woke up the next day feeling really bad with a lot of pressure in my ears.  I knew I still had to shoot.  I was trying to get in the mental state for shooting but it just wasn’t working.  When we arrived and I shot, I just couldn’t concentrate.  I wasn’t able to focus on shooting; I was just focusing on being sick.  After the tournament was over, I had shot my lowest score of the three days.  It was disappointing.


After the official scores were posted from all the regions, I didn’t do as well as I wanted, but I felt good about where I placed.  I have been working with my coaches since the last JDT camp on completely changing my form and I can see the progress but I still have a few months before I get it perfect.


LESSON LEARNED:  Now I know to load up on Vitamin C the week BEFORE tournaments!

US Indoor



JOAD  – Placed 23rd out of 68 people

US Nationals – Placed 19th out of 54

My goal was to place top 50% so I got that, good starting place and it helps me know what I need to focus on in training!

1 thought on “JOAD Indoor and US Indoor Wrap Up

  1. Hey, Emma, hope you feel better soon! Also — I have to say, it shows great maturity that you were sick, shot less well than you’d hoped, but instead of focusing on disappointment, you are highlighting Lessons Learned!

    You are a terrific role model. I hope you keep posting, for all us other archers out there! (Hey, I’m 55 and I still need good role models!!)

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