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AAE Arizona Cup 2013

There was so much interesting stuff that had nothing to do with archery at this event!  There was a snake wrangler to catch rattlesnakes and our first briefing was about making sure to KICK the target before picking it up because of crawly things like spiders and scorpions!  One day, we had a huge dust devil come through, big enough to pick up tents and flip over targets came through and the tournament was delayed until they could right everything else.  Some people had arrows break in half!  NEVER SAY ARCHERY ISN’T AN EXTREME SPORT!

My notes are posted below.  I am back to training again because I have to be in Texas at the end of the month.  YEAH archery season!

Do you guys have questions?


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Day 1-Qualification Rounds


I went into the tournament pretty confident I was going to do well.  When I got to the field and I saw the flags flapping in the wind, it gave me a little shock.  Once I regained my focus, I began to shoot.  I started shooting to where my arrows were spread all around the target.  After about two ends my arrows started to compress more towards the center of the target, with an occasional one in the blue.  When the whole tournament was over and the scores were totaled, I ended up with a 501, which was 49 points of the minimum qualifying score.  I know I could have gotten it if it weren’t for so much wind and if I hadn’t dropped a two and some in the black and blue.  Overall though, I thought every thing went really well.


Day 2-OR


Well, this was an interesting day…but I didn’t know that from the start.  I went into the Olympic Round feeling confident, but I made the mistake of not eating much breakfast, not finishing my lunch and not drinking enough water.  I was nervous but I understand now that I have to make sure that I load my protein in early that morning.  I started shooting and shot consistently high right and even missed the target.  When we were done, I only scored 35 points out of 15 arrows when I normally get that in 5 arrows and lost that round 6-0 and didn’t get to advance.  We had to leave after that since we drove.  By the time we stopped to get dinner, I wasn’t feeling good.  I started to get dizzy and couldn’t walk.  I learned a lot that day.  Hahaha, I will never skip breakfast and lunch again.


NOTE:  My mom wants me to mention that I was given protein bars, shakes, sports drink and water in my cooler but I decided not to use them.  She also said that she would become one of those crazy archery parents that yell at their kids if I do this again.  Since that would be embarrassing, I don’t think that I will make the same choices over again.


AAE Arizona Cup starts today

AZ check in


Got all checked in and practiced yesterday!  The tournament starts today and I think that if you want to follow along with the digital scoring, you can do so here (just click on Arizona Cup).  It is so HOT and there are snakes so don’t let any one ever tell you archery is not an extreme sport!

I will have a post written up for you guys when I get back.  If you are here, I am on bale 21 this afternoon, come by and say hello!


Unexpected Detour


WOW.  Today was crazy.  Things were going well, we were about an hour from our hotel for the night and then Dad said “UH OH.”  In my opinion, that is never good!  If you know about Kevin, you know he is pretty tough. This seemed to even have him scratching his head and mom was trying hard not to cry.  I was thinking that for some reason, New Mexico just hates me.  We end up pulled over on the side of the road and waiting.  Someone was supposed to come and then didn’t.  Let’s just say there was a lot of praying between the three of us.  Then all of a sudden there was another person coming and I think that is who we were supposed to meet.  They are the nicest family with the cutest kids EVER.  They helped us get things figured out and get us to a hotel for a night.  We will only end up being a little later than expected to Arizona.  The people at La Quinta were all “You stay with La Quinta all the time, you have points for a free night.”  That was awesome.  Ortega’s should know in the morning about our car and we are all saying more prayers and crossing fingers.

If for some reason you are coming through Santa Rosa, NM and you need help on your car, please call the Ortega’s.  They like archery peeps!

Kind of a bonus is we are chilling in our room before we would have checked in further down the road AND we are going to eat at a historic Route 66 restaurant for dinner.  Remember, look at the bright side!