Women and Archery in Commercials

I have been asking mom for a while to help me send a letter to Gatorade.  Last night she got me the email addresses for some of the company executives and this morning I sent my letter.  Because I have so many followers that are girls, I thought this was important to do.  If you have time to share, I hope you will spread it around to increase the chances of them actually reading it.


Dear Gatorade,

I am writing this letter because your commercial “Win from Within” for Gatorade Frost.  It doesn’t include more than one woman or archery as one of the sports.  Being 13 and a female dedicated to archery, I can say I believe archery is the most mental sport; which is what Win from Within really means.  I also got my mom to help me make a poster on your site to put on www.recurveemma.com It made me sad that you don’t have anything archery related for a background but so many other sports are represented.

Archery has become a more popular sport because of recent movies like Hunger Games, Brave, Avengers and TV shows like Arrow and Game of Thrones.  During the London Olympics, archery coverage was one of the most popular sports watched and NBC said it had approximately 1.5 million viewers.

Archery is a very difficult sport mentally and physically.  To be dedicated to archery, you have to be dedicated to training both mentally and physically.  Physically for archery you have to have upper body strength, lower body strength, strong core muscles and endurance.  To be successful in archery you have to have mental strength and that is the hardest part.  You have to not get upset no matter where your arrow hits you have to stay positive.  You have to repeat the exact same cycle every time mentally and physically or the arrows will not be consistent.  Mentally you have to tune out everything that surrounds you:  the sun, the wind, negativity, where the arrows hit and people.  In archery you have to be in your zone no matter what.

I think you should also include Robin Roberts in one of your commercials because of what she just powerfully overcame.  She is a role model for females in every sport.  She just won the ESPY for her courage

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I hope you take it into consideration.




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