Back To School

This week has been a little crazy.  Since we moved and I have a school that is willing to let me be out for training and competition, I am back to school as of Monday.  That means splitting my training time between the morning and the evening.  I have a high school credit math class so this means WAY more homework.  



Angus is not happy that I am not here all day.  His new thing, after learning to catch a ball mid-air, is playing soccer.  It is pretty funny and I am going to try to tape it one day.  Monday he spent the first hour walking through the house crying and looking for me.  It made me sad.  He is doing better now and waits at the door for me when he knows its time for me to be home.

How are you guys doing?  How do you handle training and school or work?  ITS HARD.

9 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. Emma, I got my issue of Archery magazine today. As I flip to page four, guess who I see? Page four, bright and shiny is Emma Harris holding a trophy plaque from the First Dakota Classic. I double checked the results to make sure that you did not have a twin out there somewhere. I found you on page six in the Youth Female Recurve class. It was really nice to see your shiny smiling face in print. I just wanted to give you a shout out and give you props for your magazine appearance. Looking forward to hearing more about your archery journey.

    1. Its always weird seeing myself in that stuff! That day I was NOT happy with my shooting so I was glad to place.

      Hope to see you in Vegas! Any chance you are shooting? I think my dad is going to try the longbow class.

      1. I would have participated the last couple years, but they do not have a Traditional classification. They did have Barebow, but then I am competing against the compound guys with a huge advantage. It would be nice if they had a Longbow Classification Next year. There are a lot of folks here that would love it.

      2. They have a new longbow class. You don’t compete against compound guys, everyone is in a different class and medals are awarded in each one. Kevin is going to try the longbow class this time he thinks!

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