My Week at the Olympic Training Center

Photo from USA Archery
Photo from USA Archery

Last year when I got to go to camp, I thought it was the coolest thing that ever happened.  Getting the opportunity to return still feels that way.  Getting to meet new people and learn new skills is so helpful.  If you are interested in previous posts on the OTF facility in Colorado Springs and Chula Vista, check them out.  If you have a chance to attend a camp, I can recommend it!



Today was a list day of work because it was the first day.  We shot a 300 round and I shot a 222 (blech).  After Coach Lee gave us updates on the NTS shooting system, we stopped and had lunch.  The coaches started rectification so the coaches could look at us and start working on what changes we need.  The big things that I need to work on are reaching barrel of the gun at set up and my motion from load to anchor.  I am assigned to Coach Alex Meyer and he is a great coach.  Throughout the day I shot 145 arrows.  I had so much fun because I got to see old friends and meet new ones.  When free time arrived we played a lot of games.  We played Apples to Apples and Knockout.

Arrow count:  145


Today was so much fun!  We did a really good workout in PT today and after we ate delicious waffles.  After PT and breakfast we went back to rectification, which really went well.  I am now working on a better set to set up and load to anchor.  Overall I shot 206 arrows with a light bow and my bow.  After rectification we went to dinner then free time, which was followed by homework .  In free time I played card games with my friends then we did homework, SPTs and more homework (blech.) One of my favorite things is the Archer’s Teapot song!

It goes like this:

I’m a little teapot short and stout (this is where you get your posture for the shot)

Here is my handle (set up)

Here is my spout (extra set)


Hear me shout! (expansion-holding)

Tip me over (Release)

And pour me out (Follow through count 1, 2, 3)

We had to do it way more than originally planned (he said 10 perfect ones) but we had to do it 30 or more because people weren’t synchronized or forgot follow through.  YOU THINK IT’S EASY, IT’S HARDER THAN IT SEEMS!  Hahaha.  I will do a video of this for you guys so you can see what I mean.

Arrow count:  206


Today in PT I lead yoga with two other girls.  At breakfast I requested French toast!  I also had bacon, hash browns and eggs.  After breakfast we warmed up and did one arrow shoot offs at 18m which was so much fun!  Drawing a number out of a bag randomized one arrow shoot offs. I only lost 5 times out of a ton of tries.  I shot really well today and it was awesome.  That always makes things more fun.  We ate lunch and went back to the gym and played basketball.  As the coaches started arriving, some of them jumped in and played. It was hilarious.  Everyone played, complete with trash talking!  This was, in my opinion, the best part of the day.  It was super-duper fun!  After that we did team rounds and there was even more trash talking.  For the break, one of the coaches had the idea to do a dance competition and it wasn’t optional so I was like “I’m down.”  I WON AND FIRST PRIZE WAS REESE’S PIECES…Woot!  It was the most fun.  We played more games at night.

Arrow count:  181


I was the girl team leader for stretches all day today. It was amazing fun and the session was called the 12 days of Christmas.  It included:

  1. Sprints
  2. Burpees
  3. Squats
  4. Push Ups
  5. Jumps
  6. Bananas
  7. Toe Touches
  8. Sit Ups
  9. Lunges

10. Calf raises

11. Skater hops

12. High knees

You start over each time you add the next exercise, reps are associated with the number next to them.  For example, the first time you do 1 sprint, then you start over, 1 sprint, 2 burpees, start over, 1 sprint, 2 burpees, 3 squats, etc.  We doubled the amounts of Skater hops and high knees to 22 and 24 but you can customize it to your own workout.  After this we took a break for breakfast and the morning was all clicker drills.  After lunch we came back for more rectification.  I made a deal with my coach that if I could use perfect form and shoot in the yellow, I could change the song if I didn’t like it.  It was a good way to get what we both wanted and I won every time!  The rest of the day was rectification and dinner (with ice cream of course.

Arrow count:  211


Today was the last day of camp.  We did another 300 round (I shot a 250) and more clicker drills.  In between everything we just worked on blank bale.  This day is always fun but also sad because I have to say good-bye.  Our coaches let us stay up playing games a little later because we were flying out the next morning.  We played a game called Paranoia, it was fun!

Arrow count: 165

5 thoughts on “My Week at the Olympic Training Center

  1. Wow… that sounds like so much fun! I just turned 17 and really wish i was fortunate like you to be able to do this. My dream is to make it on the US Olympic Archery team and go to competitions all around the world! Its really hard to do Archery up here in Alaska where its winter for 8 months out of the year. Keep up the great work! 🙂


    1. It is all about getting the form down! Even when its cold, you can do close bale work inside. Lee Ford became a Paralympian with most of her work being close bale in her living room! Heather Koehl won SoCal Showdown last year and she said he shot across a room in her basement most times.

      You still can do it!

      1. Thank you for the inspiration! I didnt know that Lee Ford and Heather shot in their house. Its a little more difficult for me as I live in an RV as of right now but hopefully we will move into a house soon. Still tryin to shoot as often as I can though. The arrows that I bought have all broken except for one so I’ll need to get some more. Can’t wait for your next post!


      2. Thank for saying that! I hope that people can learn some things and not think it has to cost a lot to train when they read my blog. I had some questions about training indoors/at home on my Tumblr. I am not sure if you follow me there but I wanted to give this link to you to check out. Maybe it could help you find a way to shoot at home?

        Also, here is the link for Find A Club from USA Archery:

        There are two clubs in Fairbanks. Even if that is not close to you, it is always a good idea to email them and let them know you are interested in things in your area. Maybe other people have emailed and they don’t yet think there are enough, there only has to be a couple of people to start a club! There is a way to do it, just think about it differently and I bet you will find a way. Also, you should post some pictures of your set up when you figure it out. 🙂

      3. Thank you for putting a link to your Tumblr, Made an Account and am now following you on Tumblr as Michael Goodell Jr. or Odaroloc24 (Not sure how Tumblr works yet), Twitter as Michael Goodell Jr, Youtube as Laisper24, and Here!! Couldn’t find you on Facebook if you use it. When I first started to follow your blog, I really got discouraged because your doing everything I want to be doing right now and im not able to right now, but I decided to look at it as inspiration to never give up and keep focused, Ill make it there someday! Just need to shoot everyday that isnt -20 degrees out lol! I will definitely put some pics up when I get a chance. Thinin about tryin to go out and shoot a little today. We had a little heat wave and now its about 17 degrees out! Just have to watch out for the wind! Hope you next tournament goes well!


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