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Red Nose Day USA

Emma red nose1

Red Noses are funny but living in poverty isn’t.  I thought that idea of Red Nose Day was pretty cool so I am hoping you do too!  I have set up a fundraising page HERE and I will be asking everyone I know to give just a little to make the lives of children easier.  We CAN make a difference together!  Do you have your Red Nose?  Post your funny pictures today and tag me so I can send them out!  Laughter is the best medicine.

Emma red nose2

Current National Rankings



So this came out and I am on it!  #38 is not as high as I would like to be but I have a sense of accomplishment by working, training, figuring out what to change and working some more.  Not everyone gets a ranking!

If you are interested in reading the list and learning more about the updated national rankings you can find that here.