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Gator Cup 2016



I was really excited for Gator Cup because I get to see all my friends and meet new ones.  Although I had just gone to the chiropractor, I didn’t know what to expect in terms of how my shoulder would feel.  When I started shooting, I realized that I got tired after only two ends.  I shot another one and I felt that my shoulders were really weak because the lack of practice and exercise. After practice, my family and I thought that it was just a matter of getting through the tournament.

On qualification day I stepped up and thought “Okay, Emma do your best.”  (Which for me that meant getting through the tournament.)  Once I was shooting, my shoulders got tired very fast, as expected, but by the end of the first half I wasn’t sure my shoulders could handle another 36 arrows.  But, oh, I heard “There will be no break between the 36 arrows,” and I couldn’t help it but I said out loud “GREAT.”  Once I realized there was no break, I crammed all the food in my mouth that I could and moved on with the tournament.


As you could’ve probably guessed, my score was not too great at this moment but I was having fun and that’s more important to me. Thankfully I was able to get through the tournament and some how I made it to elimination rounds. I woke up and my shoulders were really sore but I knew I could get through because it’s only 3 arrows instead of 6.  It was funny because the girl that I was going against was on my target for qualification rounds.  As I was shooting, my arrows were going all over the place because my shoulders were preventing me from executing proper form.  In the end, the other shooter won but I was some what okay with it because I just got through the whole tournament.

I made new friends, which is always the best part of tournaments.  Now I’m getting excited for Outdoor Nationals and hopefully I will be more prepared for that tournament now that my shoulder is starting to feel better.

Indoor Nationals 2016

This season has been a hard one for me.  I have had some pretty intense pain in my shoulder and have had a rough time figuring out what was going on.  It was during this tournament that I discovered these awesome ice packs:

IMG_2497 FullSizeRender

Indoor was a challenging tournament to get through because my shoulder was in so much pain.  I also prefer being outside to inside so that is another mental hurdle for me to get through.  During the tournament, I was getting fatigued fairly easily because of my shoulder but I did everything in my power to keep it going.  I use ice packs, protein shakes, Tylenol and massages.


Mostly, I learned in this tournament that the issues I was having are physical and not mental.  We made an appointment with my doctor to get checked out and hopefully resolve what is going on.  I have been seeing a chiropractor and he has helped a great deal.  It has allowed me to work on strengthening muscles that were not worked enough due to the pain.  I have a long road ahead in getting stronger but at least I know I am on the road to recovery.


IMG_2512This tournament did not provide the best score outcome but I was glad to see some of the people in my region and had some fun.  (Mom also got to sit next to one of her favorite boy band members so that was a bonus.)  IMG_2515