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Rasher Quivers

Personalize your Bandit Quiver with these custom options.  Design a quiver just for you or an heirloom for that special someone.  Not all options are available or relative to every quiver.   To make this process easier we have listed the options that are available on the Custom Bandit Quiver.

  •    To place an order for a Custom Bandit Quiver you can visit
  • If you would like to speak with a live person about your custom order, you can call (702)501-1680 or email us at

Right Handed or Left Handed – The Bandit Quiver is ambidextrous which means the the strap is centered on the quiver and may be used for either right handed or left handed shooters.  There is no need to designate this option.

Frame Color Options – Rasher Quivers currently offers 5 main color options to choose from for your Quiver frame which for no…

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