This last year I have accomplished so much more than I set my goals for…that is always pretty cool.  My goal this year is to attend three USAT Qualifier shoots.  These are the tournaments that they use for ranking you officially .  In order to be ranked and to be considered for a traveling team and/or going to the Olympic trials, one of the requirements is attending three out of five USAT Qualifiers in the year.  My goal for next year is to work up to being able to attend five, man that would be AWESOME!

I have been lucky with a great coaches and awesome set of parents.  When companies send me stuff to use, that is even cooler because I get to have the stuff I need without it being hard on my family.  The most expensive parts of this sport entry fees to tournaments, proper equipment and traveling.  Entry fees can be as low as $20 but USAT Qualifiers can go up to $90-$150.  That doesn’t count travel expenses, making sure I have protein shakes and the right food OR the lessons with an elite coach that I need to be competitive.

Sometimes in a tournament, you can have an equipment malfunction and if you don’t have the spare parts, you better hope there is a vendor available that has one you can buy!  I am SOOOO lucky that my step-dad is taking his courses to serve as my personal coach.  He is a disabled Vet and the travel means he is not very comfortable most of the time but he goes with me because he loves me.  He got me started in archery when I was 8 and I wouldn’t be this lucky now if that had not happened.  He knows how to fix my equipment and he is so helpful especially when something frustrating happens he just works right through it.  He is a very helpful personal coach!

If you or your company is interested in donating to my expenses, you can click through the link as I have a PayPal account at recurveemma AT gmail DOT com where you can donate.  If you do, please let me know in the notes if it is okay to give your name on my “Archery Angels” page.  If you have a company picture that you would like me to display on that page, I am happy and grateful to do so, just email it to that same address and the site administrator AKA Mom will put it up ASAP.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.  I know every one is busy and it makes me happy that you stuck around for this long!

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