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Funny picture of the Week


This week, my picture isn’t so much funny as it is ridiculous.  This is my really naughty cat, Angus.  Angus thinks that he knows how to fletch arrows.  When my step-dad and I sit down in the bow room to work on my bow or fletch new arrows, he runs so fast in there and has to get into everything.  Angus thinks that the tool box and the fletching jig are the greatest things on the planet.  I am constantly picking him up and putting him down before he knocks something over or steals something.  Once he tried to steal my arrows when he jumped on the bench.  My step-dad said he must be part raccoon!

Angus is so bad that my sister and brother (who are off being grown ups in college) asked mom to post pictures of him every day so they can see him.  Now he is famous.  You can see him on Tumblr and Twitter.  Sometimes you will see him here.