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Funny picture of the Week


This week, my picture isn’t so much funny as it is ridiculous.  This is my really naughty cat, Angus.  Angus thinks that he knows how to fletch arrows.  When my step-dad and I sit down in the bow room to work on my bow or fletch new arrows, he runs so fast in there and has to get into everything.  Angus thinks that the tool box and the fletching jig are the greatest things on the planet.  I am constantly picking him up and putting him down before he knocks something over or steals something.  Once he tried to steal my arrows when he jumped on the bench.  My step-dad said he must be part raccoon!

Angus is so bad that my sister and brother (who are off being grown ups in college) asked mom to post pictures of him every day so they can see him.  Now he is famous.  You can see him on Tumblr and Twitter.  Sometimes you will see him here.

Funny Picture of the Week

Me getting Andre Agassi’s autograph!

This isn’t necessarily “funny” as much as it is cool.  When I went to the Vegas shoot this year (I won 3rd place!), I got to meet Andre Agassi and get his autograph.  He was super nice but I didn’t really know at first that he was such a big deal.  I found that out because of my mom.  The funny part was her reaction to this photo.  She lost it and then wished she had been able to go with me.  I had to travel without my parents to Vegas to go with Coach Bill and the team but mom lost it when she found out.  Turns out to mom, Andre Agassi is a really big deal!  After meeting him, I can see why.  He was professional but also very kind and does a lot of really cool stuff for kids in Las Vegas.  That’s the kind of person I want to be.

USA Archery Facebook Page

Look in the middle, that’s me with Brady!

The other day my sister sent my Mom a screen shot of something she saw after the Texas Shoot Out.  THAT’S ME IN THE MIDDLE WITH BRADY!  I was a little excited about this but it is also weird.  I don’t have a Facebook because I am too young but I do have a Tumblr or Twitter if you have those.  On my blog here, I write articles for Mom to post and she puts them up with the pictures.  On my Tumblr, that is where more real-time stuff goes…when I am practicing, competing or just being 12.  Those posts are different content if you are interested in following me there too.  Those are set to post directly to my Twitter as well.  On Twitter is normally where I talk to people in archery and ask for advice so you will see that along with Tumblr posts.  I hope you like them all, I try to make them different!

So again, YEAH I WAS ON THE USA ARCHERY FACEBOOK PAGE!  Thank you to anyone who came over to check my site out from their page.  There are people from a lot of countries and I think this is just AWESOME.

Funny Picture of the Week

This is my international friend, Jeff.  I had to make sure I could use this picture because I thought he would say no.  Obviously, he is silly and crazy.  He is from New Zealand. He was in South Dakota to take a class on coaching and he came all the way from New Zealand to take it.

My crazy friend Jeff!

He watched me a lot and gave me advice.  Now he is my archery pen pal.  When he watched me he gave me a shooting shirt from his team in New Zealand.  Since then he has opened his own archery program in NZ and we email back and forth!

Funny Picture of the Week

Doesn’t he look awful? I was glad he did this for me no matter how bad he felt.

This week, the funny picture is when my stepdad and me won the Shannon Trail Spring team competition.  This is when my stepdad had a broken nose. The reason that he a broken nose is that he had a surgery to help him sleep better.  We drew a mustache on his bandage with a Sharpie.  I thought that was really funny.  When we walked into the door everybody was asking, “You’re seriously going to do this with a broken nose?”  After all of that we started to shoot and we were shooting good too, most in the yellow, occasionally one in the red or blue but not a lot.  When we got done and totaled our scores then we handed them in.  After a couple of hours they started announcing the awards, we were the third group to be called and we won first!

Woop woop!