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NERF Rebelle Party

A couple of weeks ago, I was very lucky that my mom got to host a NERF Rebelle Party from House Party!  I had my friends come over for a sleep over and at the last-minute it decided to RAIN.  What to do?  We made a shooting range in the garage!


line up selfiesfierce

We had so much fun!  We put on pink and orange warpaint and shot for two hours.  My mom had games and competitions for us to try and it was FUN.  The different shooters are the Heartbreaker, the Crush Blaster and the Power Pack.  The Power Pack were the easiest use and the one most everyone liked to shoot the most.  I liked the bow (of course) but it takes a little bit more technique.  It shoots so far!  I would recommend them, I think its fun and there was a lot of laughing.

bow shottrick shot1silly string

trick shot2 serious face